Securing Your Legacy: Essential Steps To Planning Your Estate With Confidence

Blog,Legal Securing Your Legacy: Essential Steps To Planning Your Estate With Confidence Mana Ghadirian-Marnani July 19, 2024 When it comes to protecting your legacy and ensuring your loved ones are taken care of, there’s no substitute for a well-prepared estate plan. A comprehensive will is more than a legal document; it’s peace of mind for […]

Emojis in Contract Law: Proceed with Caution!

In a recent groundbreaking ruling, a Canadian Superior Court has introduced a modern twist to contract law by confirming that a simple thumbs-up emoji (👍) can indeed constitute a valid acceptance of contractual terms. Read more about it here.

Can You Evict a Housemate?

Living with housemates can be a rewarding experience, but what happens when tensions rise and conflicts become unmanageable? Read more about it here.

Why Lawyers Won’t Be Replaced by Robots

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionising the way we work and live, and the legal industry is no exception. With the increasing availability of AI-powered legal tools, one may wonder whether the need for human lawyers is becoming obsolete. However, despite the significant advancements in AI, there are still certain situations where the expertise and experience of a human lawyer are irreplaceable.

Recent Changes to Duty Laws in NSW

stamp duty sydney

The New South Wales government has just passed the State Revenue and Fines Legislation Amendment (Miscellaneous) Act 2022 (NSW) ‘the Amending Act’, which introduces a number of changes to the state’s taxation system and amends several legislations including Duties Act 1977 (NSW) ‘the Duties Act’.

Website Terms of Use

If you run a website, it is highly advisable to have a website “terms of use” which may also be called “Terms and Conditions”.
A website terms of use typically covers the following issues:

Company Constitution

What is a company constitution, why was it created and how can you use one in your business?