Business Law

Business Law, also known as mercantile or commercial law, regulates relationships that have come about in the course of commerce. Business law impacts several aspects and ventures of life such as starting or selling a business, borrowing or lending money, rules of advertising, what is expected of manufacturers of goods to name a few

As a division of civil law, business law, impacts businesses and individuals alike and is relevant to small deals as much as it is to multi-billion dollar international trade.

Broadly speaking, commercial law has two main divisions: transactional and litigious. Transactional commercial law aims to regulates relationships in a hope to avoid conflicts. A good transactional lawyer will make sure the document they are drafting clearly explain who does what and when, to minimise risks of dispute and potentially litigation between the parties.

Litigation lawyers’ works starts when and if disputes arise. A competent litigation lawyer knows the rules of civil procedure, court rules, knows how to draft pleadings (ie what you want from the court and why) and prepares evidence. Most important of all, a good litigation lawyer aims to settle the dispute as cheaply and quickly as possible.

At Checks and Balances Law, we are proud to be offering excellent transactional and litigation services and have a track record of settling difficult disputes

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