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Business Law FAQs

Corporate law is mostly related to corporations, their governance, structure, fundraising, etc.

Main legal issues are mergers and acquisitions [which is fancy way of buying, selling and acquiring businesses], corporate restructuring and litigation.

Commercial law on the other hand, mainly deals with commercial activities of a business. A commercial lawyer handles contracts a business enter such as contracts with suppliers, clients, contracts, and employees. Consumer and intellectual property law are important subsets of this area of law.


Business law is very similar with commercial law. 

Chances are good that you do. As a business owner, you are responsible for damages to other people or property. Main categories of liability insurance are : public liability, professional indemnity and product liability. 

If you employ people, you need Worker’s Compensation Insurance as well. 

There are 13 privacy principles, set by the Privacy Act
(Cth). To read more about the 13 Privacy Principles, check out our blog

The Competition and Consumer Act 2010 (Cth) is a
national law impacting both brick and mortar shops as well as online businesses.
The Act governs what can/cannot be said in ads, sets consumer guarantees, price
setting practices amongst many other things.


As a small business, you also enjoy some protection against illegal
practices. To learn more about consumer law in Australia head to:

At the very least, you need a Privacy Policy, Website Terms of Use and if you sell items from your website, a returns policy.

You can buy these documents from our website:



Please note these are DIY documents and do not create lawyer-client relationship.  

you need to think about several factors: control, asset protection, tax planning, etc. 

Read more about different business structures on

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A commercial/business lawyer deals with all sorts of contracts, business structures, disputes, ligation and more.

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Nothing in this page constitute legal advice and should not be relied as such. Contact us at 02 8014 5818 for legal advice. This page is written with NSW laws in mind. Laws in your state or country might differ.

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