Family Law

Family law is an emotionally charged area of law and each case is unique. Whether you are dealing with a parenting dispute, amicable divorce or complex property matter, we can provide advice and guidance as to your options.

Parties can be amicable or not so much, either way separation is overwhelming and the last thing you want to worry about is going to court. That is why we adopt a conciliatory and collaborative approach to resolve disputes outside court without significant legal costs.

At times, however, resorting to the court system is inevitable and we will fight hard for your rights and to achieve a good outcome for you.

To reduce costs and delays, we use an online platform to gather all your initial instructions and data, so that we can discuss your matter straight away at our first conference and come up with a plan  in a much more efficient manner.

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This short note does not constitute legal advice and should not be relied as such. For legal advice contact us on 02 8014 5818 or info@checkslaw.com.au