Get Started Online

Why use the online client intake?

These online questionnaires ask the same sort of questions we ask at the first meeting. But instead of coming to the office and paying for parking (or public transport), you get to answer these questions from the comfort of your own home and at any hour that suits you!

These questionnaires allow us to plan for your matter a lot more efficiently. Some of the benefits of online client intake forms are:

  • You get some basicpersonalised and customised information about your matter within minutes – the forms are powered by AI, so will only provide information relevant to your matter
  • You get an organised copy of your own information that you get to keep

If you did decide to engage us as your lawyers:

  • These online forms increase our efficiency which means our prices remain competitive and give you a highly valuable first appointment with us
  • Risk issues will be highlighted sooner in the process which means they can be addressed sooner too, we focus on providing solutions and pathways forward as soon as we can
  • Our advice will be ready faster, and more to the point

For example if you need family law services, instead of paying for an hour which is spent on getting basic information from you, you can provide your background information from the comfort of your home. If you did decide to engage us as your lawyers, our first meeting will be to the point and focused on solutions, as we will already have a great picture on where you currently stand, what the background is, and how we will be able to assist you efficiently and effectively. The more you put into the intake form, the better and more valuable our first appointment will be.

So, you don’t have much to lose! Go on and use them!